Voices of summer

Ready for AIMS 2018?

From July 2 to August 12 Graz will host the 48th season of AIMS. But there's some time to go yet before we will see enthusiastic American students in the city's streets and have our warm summer evenings enriched by the sound of AIMS concerts.

While we are still in the firm grip of winter, General Director Sarah Halley is listening to many hopeful singers in 18 American cities between Los Angeles and New York, to find the best young voices to bring to Graz. And in March and May, Austrian students at the University of Music and Performing Arts and the Conservatory will be selected to join their American colleagues in the AIMS program.

When spring finally arrives, the Graz office will be busy working on concert preperations while the AIMS team in Kansas City will be organizing faculty, students and logistics. By the end of June, a part of the American team will have landed in Graz and together we'll use all our skills to prepare enjoyable concerts for our audience and an engaging educational program for our participants. Pianos arrive, whiteboards are put up and coffee machines are placed in the dorm's hall, transforming it into a breakfast area.

At the beginning of July, 100 participants, an entire faculty and an orchestra - altogether around 250 people - will move into our dorm in Neutorgasse, filling it with life, laughter and music: vocal training at breakfast, the sound of trumpets at dinnertime - the typical soundscape of a day in the Graz office during the six weeks of the summer school.

And throughout the AIMS summer, audiences can enjoy more than 50 public events: orchestra concerts in Graz, Weiz and St. Paul, concerts of spirituals, Italian arias, Spanish zarzuelas, Broadway musicals and operetta; Lieder recitals; master classes with world-famous singers, and culture talks. The young singers give it their best: they shine on stage, practice, attend a multitude of classes, and compete to become "Meistersinger 2018". It is a time of both dedicated hard work and adrenalin-fuelled excitement.

Mid-August, when the last participants rush to the airport, they will hopefully have learnt a lot about their voice and the singing profession, have touched many listeners in the concerts and gained lasting memories of Graz.

Here's to a wonderful AIMS season!

Antonia Zangger-Kreuzer, Cultural Manager for AIMS in Graz


Voices of Summer

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