Voices of summer


Time flies and the 48th AIMS summer, from July 2 to August 12, 2018, is approaching rapidly.

The orchestra concert series will consist of five beautiful programs and also the concerts in smaller venues offer a wide variety of music. An addition to the program are the AIMS Shorts - small open-air concerts - and the Culture talks in Café Kaiserfeld. There will also be concerts outside of Graz: AIMS will perform in Weiz, St. Paul, Kainach, Straßengel, Premstätten and Rein.

I'd like to inform you that most concerts with piano only require a voluntary donation. However, you can reserve seats on our website. Have a look at the calendar.

The singers of AIMS in Graz are looking forward to seeing you at our concerts.

Here's to a wonderful AIMS season!

Antonia Zangger-Kreuzer, Cultural Manager for AIMS in Graz


Voices of Summer

To get an impression of the AIMS Festival Orchestra, watch one of our videos on our Youtube Channel.

Or take a look at our albums below: